Top 5 Movies Hotstar in Hindi

Top 5 Movies you can Watch on Hotstar in Hindi


If you have a Hotstar subscription and are worried about what to watch, we can help. Watch the top 5 Hotstar movies we recommend in this article. Furthermore, you can find out what else you can watch on Hotstar besides Marvel movies. You can enjoy all these movies in the Hindi language.

Hotstar is a famous OTT platform in India, and They have a vast collection of movies and web series. Therefore you can enjoy lots of movies on Hotstar.

Best Movies to Watch on Hotstar in Hindi

1. Ford v Ferrari

In our top 5 Hotstar movies list, Ford v Ferrari is the first movie released in 2009. This excellent movie is available in Hindi on Hotstar. If you are a racing movie fan, you should watch it.

Ford v Ferrari movie based on a true story. Matt Damon and Christian Bale are the lead actors. Matt Damon plays Carroll Shelby, while Christian Bale performs the role of Ken Miles.

Ford V Ferrari is a film about two car sharks that battle in 1966 for a breakthrough race car. A famous British car racer, Ken Miles, drives a Ford and defeats a Ferrari on the racetrack.

2. Avatar

Avatar, released in 2009, is the second movie on our top 5 Hotstar movies list. It’s a science fiction film directed, written, produced, and co-edited by James Cameron.

We had never seen anything like Avatar before. Sam Worthington and Zoe Saldana are in the leads. Sam Worthington plays Jake Sully, and Zoe Saldana plays Neytiri.

This movie is available in both Hindi and English language. The plot revolves around the Na’vi human Hybrids named ‘Avatars’. The story is set in 2154 when humans have depleted nature to its limits. In contrast, the Na’vi worship nature as Mother Goddess Eywa.

3. Chhichhore

Among the top 5 Hotstar Movies, the film Chhichhore ranks third. It is one of the best comedy movies in Hotstar. You will love the movie Chhichhore if you have ever stayed in a hostel.

Shraddha Kapoor and Sushant Singh Rajput play the lead characters in the movie. According to box office records, it is one of the most successful films of 2019.

Sushant Singh portrays Anni, and Shraddha Kapoor portrays Maya. A film about Anni and Maya’s son who is going through a tough time and finding it hard to overcome his failure. However, Anni and Maya’s college friends share their past experiences with him, making him realize that no one is ever a winner without overcoming and fighting the odds with all your might.

4. Cruella

Among the top 5 Hotstar Movies, Cruella is our fourth selection. Released in 2021, Cruella is a mind-blowing movie.

This movie is based on Cruella de Vil’s character from Dodie Smith’s novel The Hundred and One Dalmatians which was published in 1956. 

Oscar Winner Emma Stone is in lead in movie. It’s movie about a clever and creative girl determined to make a name for herself with her designs. She befriends a pair of young thieves who appreciate her appetite for mischief, and together they are able to build a life for themselves on the London streets.

5. Home Sweet Home Alone

The fifth movie on our list of top 5 Hotstar Movies is Home Sweet Home Alone. Home Sweet Home Alone is franchise of iconic movie Home Alone.

This movie starrers Archie Yates. You will watch a 10-year-old boy- Max Mercer, who gets left home alone, while his family travels to Tokyo for the Christmas holidays.

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